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Adjustable bench

Adjustable bench

The GATEPRO Adjustable Bench is a fitness tool for professional use.

The Gatepro Adjustable Bench has a practical, elegant and resistant design. Our Adjustable Bench offers the possibility to adjust the backrest and the seat, to guarantee the user that the exercise is carried out from different angles. The Gatepro Adjustable Bench makes performing exercises comfortable thanks to its excellent stability to the ground and its high resistance.

Price €465.00

Series Luxury Adjustable Bench

Series Luxury Adjustable Bench

The GATEPRO Luxury Series Adjustable Bench is a fitness machine for professional use.

The Gatepro Luxury Series Adjustable Bench features an elegant and compelling design, making the weight room environment very exclusive. Our Luxury Series Adjustable Bench guarantees the user to perform the exercise from different angles. The Luxury Series Adjustable Bench makes the execution of the exercises comfortable, characterized by the comfortable leatherette padding.

Price €486.78

copy of Speed Sled

Speed Sled

Gatepro Speed Slides have an elegant, practical and professional design.

The function of our Speed Sleds is to make the body work in two different settings by placing the focus on the desired part. It is optimal for stimulation of the quadriceps and buttocks. This sled offers the possibility of being ballasted in order to make the execution of the exercise more difficult. Ideal for gyms and sports centers.

Price €439.20

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