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Curved Xtreme-Run treadmill

Xtreme-Run treadmill

The GATEPRO Xtreme-Run curved treadmill is a professional magnetic fitness machine.

The running surface measures 1800x450mm, equipped with an 11x6cm LCD display to view the parameters relating to speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate (the latter through the use of a special chest strap). Designed and built for use in gyms, fitness centers, sports centers, not only, also suitable for use at home.

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Curved Xtreme-Run treadmill

The curved GATEPRO Xtreme-Run treadmill is a magnetic professional fitness tool essential for all gyms, precisely because it is different from all other treadmills.

Let's find out why it's different.

With the Xtreme-Run you can carry out different types of training, such as a HIIT workout, without worrying about having to change the running speed using a button, on the contrary you will be able to manage the pace yourself based on the amplitude of your step, in this way you will emulate running outdoors. And you will also be able to increase performance skills such as power, endurance, strength and speed and you will work the hamstrings, glutes (large, medium and small), hamstring and gastrocnemius just like it happens during outdoor running.

The Curved Xtreme-Run treadmill is an innovative tool, first of all it is not regulated by the motor but is self-powered, this means that it does not use electricity and this aspect for gyms, personal centers and all the structures that use it is a a very advantageous aspect from an economic point of view as maintenance costs are saved, as well as contributing to the protection of the environment. Furthermore, an equally important aspect is its being very quiet, which minimizes background noises present in a context such as that of gyms, making these environments less noisy.

While running, you can gradually adjust the braking level according to the user's stride speed. Depending on the type of exercise and braking force, the use of the side and central handles is different. The tool can provide a variety of exercise methods, for example: brisk walking, fast running or side shuffle steps.

To position himself on our Xtreme-Run, the user must initially place his feet on the side boards and only after he has climbed must he place his feet on the central belt present between the boards. In this way the climb will be safe and free of possible accidents.

Our Xtreme-Run treadmill has an 11x6cm LCD display that allows you to view training parameters such as: speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate (the latter is evaluated through the use of a specific chest strap ).

The running surface measures 1800x450mm, has a curved design in order to make the foot support more comfortable by reducing stress at the level of the joints, this is a substantial difference that distinguishes it from traditional treadmills. The running surface design is curved because it has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics, innovation and maximum efficient use.

DISPLAY: allows you to check the progress of the training

SIDE HANDLE: guarantees greater balance and safety both when stationary and during performance.

UPPER SIDE TABLES: when the user decides to stop for a short break, he can rest his feet on the side boards. Furthermore, they can be used as a stable support surface to perform the exercise with only one foot.

Data sheet

Product dimension
Equipment weight
194 kg
Power supply
Degree of noise
below 50db (A)
Protection level
Working temperature
from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Elettrical insulation level
II level
Running surface
Display power supply
powered through 4 batteries of the 1,5 V-AA stylus type
Display peformance
speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate
Maximum weight capacity
Handles and wheels transport
Misura Imballo
Box size
1850x1050x620mm (1.2CBM)
Peso Imballo
12 months

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